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best dry cleaning laundry service
best dry cleaning laundry service


best dry cleaning laundry service

How to book a dry cleaner for a collection?

Using eLaundry dry cleaners is easy and fast - with just a few clicks, you can find the right dry cleaner to hire and book high-quality and reasonably priced services. If you're just getting started, you can use this guide to know how you can order through eLaundry's website and get the services you need ASAP.

  1. On the search box, input the post code of your home or office (depending on where you want our partner dry cleaners to collect your items).
  2. A page would open to reveal a list of the dry cleaners near you.
  3. Open the pages of each dry cleaner to know about the individual services they offer, the rates they charge, and the minimum amount you need to pay. You'll also learn more about the dry cleaner and its history, read their terms and conditions, and get info about their address, contact details, and opening and closing times.
  4. Each page has a separate section that shows the reviews and ratings left by previous customers, and you can use these info to decide whether you'd choose the business or not. Good feedback almost always means that the business has the capacity to provide you with excellent service.
  5. Once you've chosen a dry cleaner to hire, simply place your orders through their eLaundry page. If the dry cleaners has set a minimum order value, you'll need to pay that amount even you going to give them only one shirt to wash.
  6. If it's your first time to use our site, you'll be asked to register and create a new account. You'll need to input your mobile number since we will use it to confirm your identity and activate your account.
  7. Set the date and time you want the dry cleaner to collect your clothes or other items. You'll also need to choose the address where it would be collected, e.g. your home or your office.
  8. Select your payment method. You card will not be charged until dry cleaner has picked up your order.
  9. Complete your order by clicking on the "Order Now" button.
Elaundry forwards your orders to the intended dry cleaners right away. However, we'd like to point out that it's up to the dry cleaning shop owners to follow through with your agreed-upon pickup time and date. You can get in touch with them to confirm that they would be there on time. You should also confirm with the dry cleaning shop owners about how long it would take them to finish washing, cleaning, or repairing your items. They'll give you the date and time when they would finish processing your orders and deliver your items back to you on or before the deadline.

How To Order From Your Local Dry Cleaner Or Laundry Service!

best dry cleaning laundry service

1. Enter post code

2. Select Dry Cleaner near you

3. Compare prices

4. View ratings and read Reviews

5. Select Pick-up date and time

6. Order online

7. wait for a confirmation call