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Among all the daily routine tasks, laundry seems to be the most hectic yet the most important. You just cannot escape it! Especially if you have a big family and that too of adults who have more formal wears than casuals then simply search for dry cleaners near me and place order to them. And if there are toddlers who travel in the car, car seat covers literally become the hardest to keep clean. A new discussion in town though is not how it's hard to manage the daily tasks but what among laundry and elaundry is better. Lets compare the both right now!


A unique idea in the world of laundry and dry cleaning


To save worthy time and budget of our customers & provide them most reliable services.

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To provide the people such a great ease in their lives and provide them best services.


Quality of Laundry & Elaundry

Okay so laundry is laundry. Whether you're ordering it online or going yourself to the launderers, the purpose is to get your clothes done which is fulfilled by the same people in both the cases. This means quality remains the same for both..

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In self service laundry you have to carry your items yourself to the launderers and then take them back home when the service is done while in elaundry the service providers themselves come to you and pick your items. Later on, you don't have to pick it up from them either, instead, they drop it back to your place properly organized. A lot of time and energy is being saved here. Also, you don't have to face any travel issues such as traffic or parking problems AND can help you on your lazy days. This makes it 4 benefits so this one clearly goes to Elaundry.

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Expenses in Laundry & Elaundry

In case of expenses, it's a clear win for self-service since elaundry is a little more expensive because of the delivery charges. Now some might debate that fuel expenditure is not being considered but many times you do not have to spend extra much fuel for this purpose such as if you do it while you're going to a nearby mart or to pick kids from school. It is still cheaper than the weekly delivery charges one has to pay for elaundry.

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In case of elaundry, you can check the reviews for each service provider with their rates. This makes it easy to choose between the many by knowing who is better.
It is pretty clear, isn't it? The winner is... elaundry. Yes you might have to spend a few more bucks but it is convenient, time-saving and gives you better service. Way to go, dear eworld!
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